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Designer dupes

Okay, guys, I’m not sure if I should even be touching this topic, but I thought I would anyway as I have been thinking about it a lot lately. And I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer here to be honest. I have been shopping recently (yesterday actually) and I’ve noticed so many designer dupes from Gucci to Cartier on a high-street and I’ve also seen a few posts recently about the best cheap dupes on the market. And it made me think… Are dupes an affordable way to follow trends or stealing someone’s design? Because I had been working with various designers few years back when I had my little Boutique I know how much thought, work and dedication goes to each collection and that’s relatively small designers. I can only imagine how many people and how hard they work on creating those items everyone are craving for.

Why buy dupes?

Well, fashion should be affordable to everyone, to start with. And also, who doesn’t crave the luxe look? With high-street brands you can get similar look for a fraction of the price of those trending items. In my opinion, as long as items are designer inspired and not the exact knock-offs just in a poor quality and missing brand name then it’s all good.


I think there is a huge difference between original designer item and a cheaper high-street dupe. First of all, quality.  If I know that I really like the bag and I’ll be happily wearing it 5 or 10 years down the line, why not to invest? On the other hand, something like ripped jeans which I’ll wear probably one season or maybe just a few times. I’d look for H&M and Topshop versions rather than high-end designer. I, also, always evaluate designer item before buying to make sure that the quality is as good as I expect and I’m not just paying for the name. I understand that everyone’s standards are different, but I’m someone who likes to wear my shoes and clothes more than once. It takes time to find pieces I like and love and I like to hold on to them for a bit. Fast fashion is not helping our planet either but that’s another topic.

In conclusion, I have no problem with dupes which are inspired by the designer item but has its own twist. And I love designer items too.

Yes, of course, I can’t afford all the designer items I’d like to have and I always have to prioritise and only get one or a few designer pieces and add other pieces from a high-street or smaller designers. But I don’t really shop to find a dupe of something I liked from a designer collection. If I can’t afford an original I’ll replace it with something else, either with a designer inspired item (but NOT the exact look in a poorer quality and missing brand name or very similar look just changed brand name to let’s say word ‘Bonjour’) or something totally different.

Lina xx
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