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My Top Tips How To Stay Motivated

I think we all struggle with motivation sometimes, especially when our goals are big and daily steps towards them seems to be insignificantly small. As Zig Ziglar says: “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” I love this quote! And I thought I will share my top tips how I keep myself motivated. I’ll be honest, it works most of the time but not always… Everybody has bad days. I’ve been down with a really bad cold last couple of days and that got me really upset, because I had to stay in bed and change my plans. But sometimes you just have to listen to your body. Okay so let’s move onto the things that helps me stay motivated.


  1. Sticking to the routine helps. It can be different for everyone. But for me it is waking up early and starting the day right. I read, journal and meditate to get myself ready for the day.
  2. After that I go to the gym and train. Exercise is proved to improve your mood and stimulate brains.
  3. Listening to podcasts or audio books throughout the day or while driving helps to get into the right mindset. Sometimes listening to my favourite songs brings me back on track as well.
  4. Eating small healthy portions helps me to keep myself productive and efficient. I’ve noticed that if I eat more than I need to I feel lethargic and I tend to procrastinate more.
  5. Reviewing my goals daily and reminding myself why I’m doing what I’m doing. It’s a really good practise to do this every morning and every night before bed.
  6. And last but not least is get up, dress up and show up! Meaning get up early, look the best you can, as I’m sure you know my fave saying: you look good – you feel good and if you feel good you can achieve anything you want. And it always helps me having things/meetings planned in my diary. If it’s scheduled I’ll be there if it’s not certain I may find a way to wiggle out of it or do it “tomorrow”.

As you can see, I’m contemplating about motivation and productivity in track bottoms and white tee, you don’t have to wear a suit to be productive, but you can if you want to. I must admit that my style has changed massively since I don’t have to be in the office everyday, it became a lot more relaxed and informal.

You can shop my outfit details and the end of this post.


Lina xx

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