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I found this dress in Lithuania!!!  But don’t worry, you can buy it in UK as well, link at the end of the post as usual. I absolutely love the colours and material.

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I went to visit my mum and dad in Lithuania for a few days last week. The time did fly, but it’s always nice to see family and dear friends.

I can’t quite believe that this is a 4th month for my blog. As you know, I only started my blog in June and this is all still a learning curve to me. I do hope that my ramblings make sense, at least sometimes, and you do find something useful in it.

I should mention that all the photos you see on my page are as they come, meaning they are not heavily edited, the only thing I do adjust is brightness and contrast to make them alike.  I think it’s important to see what clothes and people look like in real life. We have Instagram and Snapchat for all the world’s filters, right? On the serious note, I do get lost in this ‘perfection world’ sometimes. Looking into other bloggers, models, magazine photos… A lot of us are conscious about something what others probably don’t even notice or is actually not as bad as we think. I have to admit, I’m conscious about my skin, and I know it’s not perfect. I do get a spot here and there and that annoys me, not to mention the natural ageing, but then I do have days then I look in the mirror and I love my skin. It’s important to understand that everyone has good and bad days, and appreciate what you have and who you are. For some it might be their hair, nose, eyes, teeth, body shape or something else that bothers them. But we are all different, unique, maybe a little bit damaged here and there and that is cool. I feel that from here I should talk about confidence, but it will probably be too long of the post. So, I’ll keep this thought for the next week.

To summarise, I think we should all strive for perfection, or what we see as perfect, by looking after ourselves, exercising, eating nutritious foods, getting enough sleep, looking after our skin, expanding our knowledge, wearing clothes that suits us etc. But just being real and loving ourselves every step of the way.

Loads of love,

Lina xx

Sunglasses, Saint Laurent, £235 (buy here); Handbag, Balenciaga, £1195 (buy here); Dress, Scotch & Soda, £124.95 (buy here); Shoes, Otre, not available in UK (very similar); Socks, Calvin Klein, £14 (buy here).



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