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Hope you are doing great. I’m very good now too, but I’ve been down with some pretty nasty cold! I kept it quiet this time. And there is a reason behind it. Would you like to know it? Ok ok, I’ll tell you. So it was my second cold in probably a month and before that I was super proud to say to each and everyone that I haven’t really been sick for a couple of years. That’s gone now though… Ok, so here it goes – a real proof to you all that concentrating on positive things bring positive to your life and negativity, moaning, complaining brings more of the things and situations to complain about.  When I had first cold, I was moaning and complaining how bad I felt to everyone, every minute of it. And did I feel better for that? Or did it go away quicker? No! Just before I caught this second round of cold, I’ve read in a book that you should not use your bad health as an excuse. Because it takes your power away. So, whenever people asked me how I was, I’d say – great, thanks. Even though I didn’t look that way, believe me! But don’t get me wrong, I still looked after myself: took medicine, stayed in bed and drunk loads of hot beverages. The only difference, I didn’t feel sorry for myself as the first time.  I wasn’t super productive, but – still on top of the things.


Complain less, and especially when you are really down, try and force yourself to think and see positive things. I’m a strong believer that our minds can either heel or kill us, so use it right.


Talking about positivity looking like a tennis player and feeling super comfy! This dress is last year’s COS collection. I love being able to wear my clothes more than one season. And also you can still get it, find all the details at the end of the post. COS also made a maxi version of this dress which looks really good. I’ve linked it below as well. Socks I’m wearing is Stella McCartney but they seem to be sold out, so I’ve linked some similar colourful designer socks at the end. Scroll down.


Lina xx

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