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Winter Wonderland

Only two days till Christmas now, too excited me! Shame that there is no snow here in Manchester. But I’m so ready for Christmas and literally can’t wait for Christmas morning ho-ho-ho. I’m sure you wonder where does these snowy photos come from if no snow in Manchester, so here goes the story 😀

We had about a week of Christmassy weather in UK, but as I live in the city center we haven’t seen much of it. So my photographer (or one lucky boyfriend) and I decided to go and find snow. We went towards Peak District and, of course, we found it, as you can see, and it even started snowing a bit. It was perfect for our little photo shoot. The funny story starts when we got all our photos, got back to the car and started our journey back… I’m using word “started” loosely… as we only went half way up the hill and got stuck…too slippy for a rear drive car. I’ve never been stuck before so I couldn’t believe it. Obviously, I had to drive as I couldn’t believe it wouldn’t go up…I was wrong – it didn’t. This was one of a very rare times then I was actually not right about something. We were trying all sorts of things. Oh and worth to mention that there was only one other car in this car park, others were smarter and didn’t go down the hill. I drove and my boyfriend and another guy who kindly offered to help tried to push it out, but the car didn’t give in. We tried driving backwards as it’s a rear drive car, didn’t work. We were trying for about an hour at this point. I was getting a bit worried. And we were running out of “good” ideas how to get it out. That minute a bunch of young lads with VW transporter came down the hill, done a few donuts in front of us as you do, and went up and down again, as it got stuck too, but they managed to get a bit further than we did. He tried about 3 times with no luck and his mates had to push him out. So these lovely young lads pushed us out too!!! 6 of them to be precise and it still looked like a struggle. I was so happy to see the car on the hill that you can’t even imagine. That was my first British winter adventure 🙂

Find my outfit details at the end of the post.

And I want to wish you all a little miracle this Christmas and a lot of happiness.


Lina xx

Snowball fight?
No? Okay

Spot me 😀

Skirt, P.A.R.O.S.H., £249 (similar here); Scarf, Zara, £19.99 (buy here); Beanie, Adidas, £22 (similar here); Boots, Timberland, £160 (buy here); Socks, H&MxERDEM, (sold out); Puffer jacket, Topshop by Ivy Park, £119 (buy here).

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